Sonance Rehearsal Studios provides a comfortable, safe and secure environment for musicians in Austin Texas to rehearse their music 24 hours a day. Sonance Rehearsal Studios in Austin Texas provides a clean and comfortable space, conducive to creating music and allows 24/7 access to all rooms in the facility. Sonance Rehearsal Studios was established in 2002 and continues to provide monthly rehearsal rooms to some of Austin's most noted groups. Past & current clients include: Spoon, Fastball, The Sword, King Coffey, Zykos, Sally Crewe, Those Peabodys, My Golden Calf, JBe, Built By Snow + many more.


I can’t overstate my longstanding loyalty and gratitude as a Sonance tenant. It truly is the perfect rehearsal space scenario for any bands’ needs, run by the raddest fellas. Imagine having all the security and safety of the bigger, more corporate chain rehearsal spaces, but at a much fairer price, locally owned by the best folks, with a highly important 24 hr access to your room.
– Michael Booher (Booher, Zykos, Ovenbirds)

Sonance is very private; almost hidden — but there is always someone trustworthy around too, so your gear is always safe.  Mgmt. is super responsive to any concern you might have & the rent is reasonable. The 24 hour access is really convenient.  I won’t be moving out any time soon.
– Alan Lauer (Zest of Yore, The Cocker Spaniels, Big Bill)

Sonance studios is the first rehearsal space I have zero complaints about. The rooms are totally affordable, comfortable and air conditioned! Also, the place is not littered with dreadlocks and bad tattoos. To top it off, you will probably enjoy the music coming out of the other rooms. Absolutely the best rehearsal space in Austin.
– Max Vandever (Flesh Lights)

Reasonably priced rooms, about as much as a you’d pay for a room in a fairly cheap neighborhood, except that you can make noise 24 hours a day without bothering the neighbors… at least not as much. And it’s air conditioned!
– Orville Neeley (OBNIII’s, Bad Sports)

Jason Butler and Sonance Studios provide a professional environment, creative atmosphere, and the security every working musician needs in Austin, TX.  I feel lucky to call Sonance my band’s home.
– Alex Sepassi (Aviateur)

I can’t even add up the savings for me and my friends in the years we’ve been camped at Sonance. New rooms, good AC, 24/7 access, ample parking… it’s the perfect situation for us North Austin musicians. On behalf of everyone in all my bands, THANK YOU, Jason!
– Steve McCarthy (Wannabes, Diamond Smugglers, Why Not Satellite)

We’ve been rehearsing at Sonance Studios for years, and the convenience of 24-hour access, plus knowing our gear is always secure are several reasons we love it so much and have stayed for so long. The rooms are well kept and built for contained sound in each unit. The place is clean and always maintained, plus it’s pretty cool to run into our homies who are out there hustling just as hard as we are. It’s communal in many ways.
– Harvest Thieves